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Item #: D8
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WORKING Kit Cat Klock Electric Wall Clock

...that was serviced by Omicron Clock and comes with a 90 Day Guarantee!!!


 According to our research we believe this was manufactured from 1964 to 1970.  This was missing a few parts when we received it and we were able to replace all the parts needed to make a complete working clock. You will not be disappointed with this conversation piece that should provide you with many years of reliable service.


  • Manufactured by California Clock Co. and made in USA
  • Clock has been taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and then lubricated (where needed) with high quality synthetic clock lubricant
  • This is running in our shop and keeps accurate time 
  • Bow Tie is New Dead Stock
  • Case (body) has been cleaned and polished and is in good condition
  • Cord has been cleaned is in very good original condition
  • Dial is in excellent original condition with crisp black graphics, markings and numerals
  • Eyes are in very good condition and move back and forth properly 
  • Hands are New Dead Stock
  • Motor has been opened, repaired and properly lubricated
  • Tail is in very good original condition and wags back and forth properly
  • Overall rating 8.5 out of 10



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