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Item #: D8
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WORKING Kit Cat Klock Electric Wall Clock

...that was serviced by Omicron Clock and comes with a 90 Day Guarantee!!!


 According to our research we believe this was manufactured from 1970 to 1982.  This is the second to last version of the electric clock. You will not be disappointed with this conversation piece that should provide you with many years of reliable service.


  • Manufactured by California Clock Co. and made in USA
  • Clock has been completely taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and then lubricated (where needed) with high quality synthetic clock lubricant
  • This is running in our shop and keeps accurate time 
  • Case (body) has been cleaned and polished and is in very good condition, but has a small crack and defect by the 9*
  • Cord is in good original condition
  • Cover has a slight warp at the bottom, but still stays on securely
  • Dial is in excellent condition with crisp white graphics, markings and numerals
  • Eyes are in excellent condition having all their missing crystals replaced including new red accent units and move back & forth properly 
  • Hands are clean and in very good original condition
  • Missing crystals have all been replaced
  • Motor has been taken apart, cleaned and properly serviced
  • Tail is in good original condition with a slight warp and wags back and forth properly
  • Overall rating 7.5 out of 10

 *This might be a manufacturing defect as we have seen this before.



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