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WORKING Oldsmobile Clock


...that was serviced by OMICRON CLOCK, the premiere choice for antique automotive clock repair.


This should fit 1977-84 Oldsmobile  Cutlass, Delta 88 and Ninety Eight and most other Oldsmobiles from that vintage, but the light and power terminals might be different,  so please make sure this is what you need before buying.


  • Manufactured by General Time/Westclox
  • Clock was taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and then lubricated using high quality high quality synthetic lubricant
  • Movement runs quietly, has been checked for accuracy and successfully bench tested
  • Case is in very good original condition 
  • Dial is in very good condition with crisp white markings and numerals
  • Drums are the factory original colors
  • Inner bezel is in excellent original condition 
  • Lens is clear with only very minor scratches
  • Seconds drum has been replaced
  • Thumb wheel is in excellent original condition and works properly
  • EXTRAS - Includes light holder with working bulb and we have marked the terminals + for Clock, - for Ground and L for Light for easy hookup
  • Overall rating is 8.5 out of 10 



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