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Item #: 6872PontGTOSA
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1968-72 Pontiac Clock Subassembly


...that was repaired by OMICRON CLOCK, the premiere choice for antique automotive clock repair.

Repair your own clock like a professional with this repaired and working sub assembly that is ready to install.  Simply unscrew the knob, remove the terminal (if needed), straighten the case tabs, remove the outer bezel & lens and pull your sub assembly out.  Then remove the hands by pulling them straight off, straighten the dial tabs and pull that straight off.  Clean every thing up, refinish the hands (if needed), replace the lens (if needed) and assembly is the exact opposite and your done in less than an hour.  We have even added a clamping diode that reduces the arcing of the contacts to practically nothing which is a major cause of failure with these clocks.  If you want your clock running 100% original with that second hand tick-tocking around the dial this is want you need.  You will not be disappointed.



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