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Item #: 523Ford-CWU
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Customized 1952-53 Ford Windup Clock


This is a customized clock out of a 1952-53 Ford requiring a 2.75" hole for mounting.  This will also fit 1952-54 Mercury.  This is intended to be something that looks different and basically put into a custom car or Rat Rod. 


  • Manufactured by Westclox and is the windup type
  • Clock was taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and properly lubed using high quality silicone lubricant
  • Movement has been adjusted for accuracy and bench tested for one week
  • Solves the 6/12 volt negative/positive ground dilemma
  • Case is in acceptable condition
  • Dial is in decent condition
  • Fast/Slow adjuster works, but part of it has been broken off
  • Hands have been refinished white with orange tips
  • Inner bezel has been re-emameled on the back and refinshied silver on the front in Rat Rod style
  • Knob is in good condition and works properly
  • Lens is clear with a few scratches and markings & numbers are in good condition
  • Outer bezel has been painted flat black in true Rat Rod style
  • EXTRAS - Includes a good tested light socket lead and working 6 volt bulb with enough wire to splice into an existing harness if needed - we have stripped the cloth insulation off of the lead and replaced it with heat-shrink tubing
  • Overall rating is 7 out of 10, 9.9 out if 10 if you'll be putting this in a Rat Rod


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